Loan Programs Include: JUMBO, Investment SFR, Apartment Loans, FHA, Retail & Commercial, Hard Money, Harp 2.0, Stated Income!

  • Jumbo Loans  are hot again for purchases, refinances or cash out. Loans from $150,000 to $7,500,000 are extremely cheap and well priced. Jumbo loans are availble for “investment properties” from 1-4 units. Call for a quote at (310) 231-9300.
    Offering all types of 30 year fixed loans, 15 year fixed loans, Flex Loans allowing you to pick your own ammortization, arm products and much more.

    Easy qualify loans with 1 year Tax returns are now availble for all conventional loans up to $636,150.

    Loans available up to $1,500,000 at 90% LTV with out Mortgage Insurance.
  • Stated Apartment Loans (Multifamily) are available for refinances and purchases. Rates are extremely competitive. Non-Recourse is NOW availble for all loan sizes. Call with your scenario and see what your property qualifies for at (310) 231-9300.

  • Apartment loans with 30 year and 15 year fixed rates.
  • Commercial loans for Strip Centers, Owner Occupied, Industrial, Storage, Office…

  • FHA Streamlines are FHA loans for existing FHA clients. If you currently have a FHA loan, you may be eligble to lower your rate with a FHA streamline. Streamline means a quick closing with minimal documentation to approve and close your loan. For some programs, that means NO POINTS, NO COSTS, no appraisals, no tax returns, no pay stubs, and no bank statements. Call to see if your loan qualifies at (310)231-9300.

  • Harp 2.0 is a new program just released to help homeowners refinance their homes regardless of their loan balance relative to the value of their homes. This program is for home owners who may be under water, but still paying their mortgage payments on time and have income to qualify for a new loan and are unable to refinance because their home values are too low. This program is for home owners that their home loans from prior to June 2009 and are being held by Freddie Mac. Call in to see if your mortgage qualifies at (310) 231-9300.

  • Stated Loans are back for qualified self employed borrowers up to $2,500,000. Call to see if you are eligible at (310) 231-9300.

  • Bridge and Hard Money loans available for all types of property and loan amounts. Rates starting as low as 6.75% with no prepayment penalties.  


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