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Commercial & Multi Family Financing

Our Commercial Real Estate Finance Division focuses in the assignment of commercial mortgages for office, retail, industrial, multi-family apartment buildings, and specialty properties. We organize equity involvement, construction loans, refinance loans, acquisition loans, and permanent financing for both owner-occupied and investment properties nationwide.

Home/ Residential Financing

Our Residential Real Estate Finance Division takes great pride in our levels of both quality and service by offering a wide variety of loan products at the most competitive market rates. We work with many organizations and have no obligation to any particular lender or service provider. Therefore, we provide objective advice to present you with the best options possible for your needs and situation. We empower our vast clientele of borrowers with the unbiased facts necessary to make well-informed financial decisions.

Analyze Your Finances

Determine how much you can afford to spend. While you may qualify for one amount, it might be too high for your actual budget. Set a monthly dollar amount that you feel comfortable committing to. Don’t forget to figure in additional costs, such as insurance and taxes, interest, and principle.

Closing the Loan

Depending on local loan process requirements, this step can be performed in person or by using a 3rd party escrow service. If everything proceeds smoothly and according to your established agreement, you’ll sign many papers, exchange much money, and walking away a new home owner!


how it works

JDM Funding differentiates itself in the commercial mortgage business with outstanding follow-up commitment. We quickly and smoothly resolve the inevitable difficulties that can arise through the various financing options and work with clients until completion of the project. From negotiating the fine points of a lender’s desire to suspending monies needed for maintenance repairs to the positive resolution of a lender’s concern over an existent environmental issue, JDM Funding is your guide, your supporter, and the finder of resolutions to all your unexpected issues.

Given JDM Funding’s extensive experience in the financing process, our clients benefit greatly from our responsible method of striving to comprehend both the short-term and long-term financial and investment plans for a particular property before suggesting a structure for the projected financing.

additional services

With years of experience, JDM Funding provides many services to assist our client’s during the financing process to ensure each step of the way is smooth and fluid for all parties involved.

  • Preparing you for the Journey
  • Getting you pre-approved
  • Establishing financial well being
  • Credit Report Check
  • Loan Application
  • Securing your rate
  • Closing the loan process


Providing the Support you need


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